The Art of Pitching

Now it’s your turn!

The greatest ideas don’t always win. This time, they do! Because it’s your idea and we need it to win.

From Idea …

You’ve done the hard work. Your product is amazing, your ideas are flying.

To Pitch …

Now the word needs to spread. You’re looking for a story that nails it.

in one intense session!

With a highly effective process based on more than 12 years of experience we’ll craft your story in an intense 1:1 session.

How it works

First: Release the mosquitoes!

The mosquito effect shifts the decision making to the emotional level. People may try to decide rationally but what they really do is to rationalise their decisions. That’s why we’re going to make them care on an emotional level.

Second: Hand out a red pill!

While many people think of pitching as the act of selling an idea or a product you know that it’s not. Because pitching is not about you making a profit. It’s about the other party making an even greater profit. The more they benefit, the better! That’s why we’re going to make it irresistible.

Third: Lead them to the point of no return!

Bit by bit, word by word, minute by minute, we’ll raise the tension. Until you reach the point of no return. The point where the tension of your pitch is so high that the only possible release for the decision maker is to ask for more. That’s where you want to lead the decision maker to and that’s where we’re going to lead him.

What others are saying

“I am not sure how you crawl into these ideas so quickly, assess them so clearly and then make such helpful summative comments considering an arsenal of factors in such record time.” – Anna Kohler Smith

Why it works

Audience first!

The common way of pitching is the selfish way. It’s all about what the presenter wants. He wants the decision maker to invest, to approve his project, to buy his product – and ends up being left at the mercy of the decision makers while having a hard time trying to change their mind.
We’ll do it differently. We’ll dive really deep to understand exactly what matters to the decision makers so that we can attach to what’s important to them rather than try to change their mind.

A proven process

The process that we’re going to use is exactly the same process that I use for my own companies and it’s the same process that has helped hundreds of successful pitches to make change happen. It is the result of more than 12 years of coaching businesses to pitch their ideas and along the way analysing thousands of presentations.

1:1 intensity

It’s you, me and the will to make change happen. It doesn’t matter if it’s an investment pitch, a product sale, a project proposal, or anything else. But I’ll be honest: it does matter a lot that you care and that you give it your all. I will guide you towards your goal, but you need to come along.
Dr. Michael Gerharz

What others are saying

“I have never seen such a well-structured and meaningful coaching. It completely changed the way I look at my pitches.” – Markus Schmitz

What you need

A great product

Because we’re not going to waste everyone’s time convincing people of inferior stuff. The process is designed to make people care. This can only work if what you want to pitch is actually remarkable.
(If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to call or write!)

Half a day

This may sound like it’s not much time. But it is. In fact, it’s plenty if your product or project is really that good. We’re going through a highly structured process to lead you towards your goal. It’s proven and it works.

The will to make it work

But don’t get me wrong: This is going to be exhausting. We’re not going to hide from the difficult questions. We’re not going to settle with first ideas. We’re preparing you to make change happen.

And a stable internet connection

We’ll work online using innovative tools that provide us an intense work atmosphere. Please make sure that you have a stable internet connection, a camera and a microphone. Most laptops and tablets are equipped with one.

What others are saying

“We were able to close a deal as a complete nobody in our industry. Everyone said it’s not going to work, but it did. Highly recommended. It’s such an unusual approach that we have adopted for all of our presentations.” – Robert Henman

What you’ll get

The story for your next pitch

We’re planning for half a day, but if it takes longer, it will take longer. We’re not going to stop our session until your story is finished. No matter what. That’s a promise. You’re going to leave the session with the story for your next pitch.

Full recording and transcript of our session

We’ll record the whole session. You’ll get full access to the recording so that you can re-watch every detail that we discuss. But there’s more: You’ll also get a full written transcript of the whole session, automatically generated from the recording. It’s easily searchable and computer-accessible so you can fully concentrate on the work.

Accountability Check ins

This is a results focussed approach. You want to make change happen and I will hold you accountable for it. So, we’ll have a 30min video chat to check in how the story is evolving, whether it needs some finetuning, and how you can make the most of it. Actually, we’ll have this chat twice, 1 week after our session and the week after that (dates will be agreed upon).

Available in English and German

What others are saying

“Your clarity of thought has been invaluable. I am using this daily in my work in the world right now in this public health crisis.” – Kathy Lemaire

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