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Usually, the first idea is not the most creative. Or the funniest. It’s not the most sophisticated. Or the clearest.

That’s why I designed the 5 day “Crack the clarity code” journey to move you beyond the first idea.

The course helps you find the right words and communicate your ideas with irresistible clarity. But it doesn’t happen quickly, sorry. In fact, during the course, I deliberately slow you down to give you time to think each step of the journey through and look at it from different angles. That’s where the good ideas live.

If you’d watch the videos back to back, it would take you less than 40 minutes. But I won’t let you. Because the magic is in doing the work. And in taking the time to think things through before you move on to the next step.

The reward for slowing down is this: Once it’s there, clarity is the ultimate accelerator. Without clarity, speeding up will only lead you to move faster into the wrong direction. But with clarity … well, you get the idea.

Crack the Clarity Code” is currently on sale for $29. Are you ready to slow down?

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