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Good resistance, bad resistance

Resistance is the universal force that keeps you from doing things.

However, there’s an important distinction about two very different types of resistance.

The first is knowing that you need to do this but you hide from actually doing it. For example, you just know that you have to publish this video, build that product, pitch that idea to your boss, but you hide from it because resistance has sent you fear.

This type of resistance is a great compass for the things we should do. When it kicks in, we know we’re onto something. The fear is there precisely because it matters so much to us.

The second type is knowing that you need to stay away from doing that thing but everyone keeps telling you that you should really do it. It sounds perfectly reasonable when they say it. It works for others, so why shouldn’t it work for you? And yet, your gut tells you that something is off. It just doesn’t feel right. Somehow, you know it’s not right although you can’t pinpoint why.

This type of resistance is a great compass for the things we shouldn’t do. When it kicks in, we know we should run. The doubt was there because it wasn’t true to who we are.

The art is in knowing which kind of resistance you’re in. A great first step is to start noticing it. When you do, then pay attention to how you feel, the patterns in your thinking, and, of course, the outcome.

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