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The PATH to Strategic Impact


Table of Contents

What is the Book about?

You’ve got a bold vision and a strategy to achieve it! But why does your company seem to be standing still? Why is the gap between what strategy promises and what it delivers so vast and disheartening? 

Learn from some of the world’s most successful organizations how to communicate your strategy for maximum impact. The four PATH principles—Plain and Simple, Actionable, Transformative, and Heartfelt—will help you:

  • Dramatically boost the effectiveness of your strategy, speeding up time to market for products that customers will love
  • Shift from reacting under pressure to proactively setting the pace, confidently leading the way
  • Make bold moves that elevate your brand’s prestige and leapfrog the competition, potentially redefining industry standards
  • Cultivate a workforce of intuitive strategic thinkers, aligned with your vision and ready to innovate at every turn
  • Foster deep organizational commitment, building a united, driven team that embraces your strategy wholeheartedly and is eager to advance your vision

This book is the missing link between strategy and execution. It’s your guide to finding better words so you can make your big ideas actually happen and turn ambition into true progress.

About the Author

Long Version

Dr. Michael Gerharz helps leaders across the globe find the right words and make a bigger impact.

Michael earned his Ph.D. in Communication Systems during the mobile phone revolution, observing firsthand how brilliant ideas die when people fail or don’t care to communicate them properly. Seeing these missed opportunities, he decided to do something about it, launched his blog, and carved a career path dedicated to mastering and teaching the art of communication.

Today, Michael helps leaders across the globe communicate with irresistible clarity so their ideas can make the impact they deserve. He guides clients to find words they truly believe in about the things they deeply care about, and his insights and strategies have transformed communication practices in numerous organizations, making him a sought-after expert in the field.

His first book, The AHA Effect, is a heartfelt call for audience-focused communication. Too many communicators are in it for the applause rather than the impact. But what use is a great show or fancy wording when it doesn’t change your audience’s mind? The aha effect beats the wow effect every single time, and this book shows you how to achieve and lead your own audiences to insight.

He is also the author of the Leaders Light the Path Manifesto and writes the blog The Art of Communicating, where leaders from around the world access daily thoughts that help them find the right words. His podcast, Irresistible Communication, is listened to in 90+ countries.

A passionate guitarist, Michael works at the intersection of highly structured thinking and the pure joy of creative expression.

You can find out more about his services at

Short Version

Dr. Michael Gerharz leverages his extensive experience in global leadership consultancy to deliver this essential read. He’s the author of The Aha-Effect, the Leaders Light the Path Manifesto, and The Art of Communicating blog where leaders from around the world access daily thoughts that help them find the right words.

Interview Questions

  • Why is the gap between what strategy promises and what it delivers often so vast and disheartening?
  • What mistakes do leaders make when communicating their strategies?
  • How does the PATH to strategic impact look like?
  • Could you briefly describe the four PATH principles and why they are crucial for strategic success?
  • Could you share an example where effective strategy communication transformed an organization?
  • How do you get an organization to embrace your strategy wholeheartedly?
  • How can organizations navigate change using the PATH framework?

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In a Nutshell: The PATH to Strategic Impact

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