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What they don’t tell you about storytelling

Why storytelling might be less complex than some coaches want you to be believe

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Welcome back to “Irresistible Communication”. Two minutes, twice a week. No nonsense advice on leadership communication. Contrary to what some storytelling coaches want you to believe. In the end, there's only one thing you need to really understand about storytelling. And it's this question: what happens next? I mean, of course, you can say a lot more about storytelling. For example, the hero's journey is a great concept. Or the show don't tell principle is useful advice. But in the end, all of that is optional because the only thing that matters is whether your audience is curious to learn more. If you nail that, it doesn't matter whether it's through the hero's journey or some other fancy framework. Storytelling really, isn't a mystical art locked behind gates of complexity. At its core, it's simple, straightforward and something anyone can absolutely do. Just tap into your audience's curiosity! That's it. If your audience wants to know more, you've nailed it. Even if you've never heard of the hero's journey or any other storytelling formula. When your story makes people sit up and wonder what's next, you're telling a great story. “What happens next?” Is the only question you need to ask for that. The better you understand your audience's needs, their desires, their questions, the easier, it will become to find a compelling answer to that question. If it's using the hero's journey, that's totally fine. It means you're using it right. But if you've never heard of it, don't worry! The more important information is to know your audience. So, what is your audience dying to know? Keep lighting the path and share this with a friend.

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