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The right kind of simple

There are different flavors of simple. Only one of them is the right kind of simple … 

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Welcome back to “Irresistible Communication”. Two minutes, twice a week. No nonsense advice on leadership communication. Great communication tends to be simple. Not trivial or simplistic, but profoundly simple. So here's the difference. Trivial messages take us nowhere. Simplistic ones take us to the wrong places. Or sometimes they stop short of the destination. But profoundly simple ones light the path to unexpected places, places that are worth exploring and worth having a deeper conversation on. Both, trivial and simplistic, try to remove or replace the complexity. They pretend that things would be simpler than they actually are. And in the best case, that's mostly harmless, but in the worst case, it could even be dangerous because it might lead us to the wrong conclusions. These two cut the conversation short and offer conclusions without the hassle of having to think it through. That's their appeal. But profoundly simple means something different. It does not replace the complexity. It makes it accessible. Profoundly simple doesn't aim to end the discussion, but to spark the curiosity that allows the conversation to start and go deeper. So, can you tell your story in a profoundly simple way? Keep lighting the path and share this with a friend.

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