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Summer break

Season finale. The 250th episode marks the end of season 1. Speak to you after the summer break. It might the perfect time to realisten some of the past episodes. Also, feel free to reach with anything that you would like me to speak about in season 2, either on social media or directly at


Hey, this is the 250th episode of this podcast. Which means that it's time for a little break. Today's episode is the last episode of season one, a season that lasted two and a half years. Not bad for a first season, don't you think? For the first time, this show is taking a summer break and we'll return with season two in September. It might be the perfect time for you to relisten some of the older episodes and reflect on how you apply the principles I discussed in these episodes to your own comunication. Are you super focused in your communication? Is your story compelling? Is your pitch irresistible? Do you approach your audience with honesty, empathy, and trust? But it's also a great time for me to practice. One of my core principles: do less but better. When you do less, you have more time to do it better. And that's what I'm going to aim for this summer. For you, dear listener, it's a great opportunity to reach out with anything that's on your mind. Tell me what you would like me to talk about in season two. What's a thing that you would like me to dig deeper on? You'll find me on social media or directly via, that's G E R H A R Z, one word, michael@michaelgerharz.Com. Can't wait to talk to you. Keep lighting the path!

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