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Steering conversation with a quiet authority

How a subtle, but profound technique can steer a meeting in a whole new direction … 



Welcome to the “Irresistible Communication” podcast. Two minutes, twice a week. No nonsense advice for leadership communication. Think of the last time you were in a high stakes negotiation or debate. Recall that heated moment when suddenly someone paued, intentionally, before responding. That pause filled with contemplation can turn the whole conversation around. It forces everyone to listen more intently. In it's hush, priorities get realigned, arguments get refined. It's interesting, isn't it? In our fast paced business world, where immediacy is often equated with competence. The value of pausing, of truly reflecting before speaking can be overlooked. I sat in countless board rooms and I've observed that leaders who master this subtle art of pausing tend to steer conversations with a quiet authority. It's not about withholding opinions or playing games. It's about giving oneself that brief moment to process, to ensure that the words that follow are both, deliberate and valuable. Incorporating this simple yet profound habit in our communication can create a ripple effect. It encourages others to do the same. Imagine a boardroom where every contribution is thoughtful. Where the space between words is filled with reflection, not tension. Such environments foster deeper understanding and, ultimately, more meaningful outcomes. Now, I'm not suggesting that every sentence be followed by a lengthy silence. It's about recognizing those pivotal moments, those crossroads in a conversation where a pause can light the path forward. So, the next time your amidst a crucial dialogue, whether in the board room or beyond, give yourself the grace of that pass. Let it amplify your intent, refine your words and lead you toward more genuine connections. Keep lighting the path and share it with a friend!

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