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Apple’s use of words

A profound lesson from Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, about how they choose the words they use.

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Apple famously stays away from much of the tech industry jargon. For example until their last keynote Apple had never used the term AI in any of their keynotes, despite their products heavily relying on AI technology, such as for crush detection or text autocomplete. In an interview after the keynote CEO Tim Cook was asked why Apple took this approach. Here's Cook's answer. We always talk about the benefit to the user. And so the benefit to the user is crash detection and fall detection. Not the technology behind the feature. That statement should be painted on the wall of every marketing department. It's not about the technology behind the features. It's about what that technology enables for the user. Users don't care about your technical brilliance. They care about the brilliance of your solution to their problem. Your words should reflect that. Technical jargon puts you and your technical brilliance at the center. It means you need to persuade the customer heavily of why that's worth their money. Apple doesn't have to persuade. They choose to resonate instead. They choose words that put the user and the solutions to their problems and desires at the center. So, what does your technical brilliance enable? Keep lighting the path and share this with a friend.

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