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Light the Path

A 60min live session on how great communicators inspire action and make change happen

Zoom Call, Sep 12th
11am EDT / 5pm CEST

What we’ll cover

Leadership communication is changing dramatically. We see more and more leaders believe in a better way to communicate. One that’s clear and concise, truthful and honest.

It’s grounded in work that matters.
It starts with empathy. And it’s way more authentic.
It’s about resonating stronger, not persuading harder.
It inspires action.
It can even create movements.

It changes everything.

In this live event, you’ll learn:
⭐️ how great leaders light the path and
🧲 craft irresistible messages that
❤️ inspire teams to do better than they ever imagined.

We’ll look at examples from some of the world’s best leaders and finest communicators. But more importantly, there will be plenty of time for Q&A so that you can ask me anything to make it work for you. It’s going to be an intimate setting to foster intense discussion and deep dives. Come and join us!

That’s great!

Looking forward to seeing you at the event.