Super Focused communication

10 thoughts on how great communicators use relentless focus to make a bigger impact
1. Everything we do in communication starts with what we want to be known for. Only if we have clarity about that can we intentionally craft messages towards that goal.

What do you want to be known for?

2. Keep in mind that when everything’s important, nothing’s important. The only chance to cut through the noise and get something to stick in their minds is to find the courage to focus on what’s truly essential.

What’s truly essential to understand your idea?

3. If you don’t decide what matters most, your audience will happily decide for you. Caution: You might not like their choice. You better make that decision yourself!

So, once again: What’s truly essential?

4. Ok, but how would your audience say it? Getting clarity about the pass along phrase forces you to look from their perspective. Remember: it’s always short and it’s always in their language.

What’s your pass along phrase?

5. The easier you make it for your audience to speak about your idea, the more likely your idea will spread. It might be a clever name, a great anecdote, a powerful visualisation etc. Your audience won’t do that for you.

How can you make it easier to talk about your idea?

6. Focusing means making decisions. That’s not always easy. The more we care, the harder it gets to let go of the details that are so near and dear to our heart. Focusing hurts. But there’s no alternative.

How will you decide?

7. The more priorities you have, the more your business will struggle to make decisions. In fact, the ideal number of priorities is one.

How many priorities do you have? Do all of them really deserve to be a priority?

8. One of the more surprising ways to focus is by embracing your weaknesses. Getting clarity about what you’re not good at, can be a powerful way to amplify your strengths.

How can you embrace your weaknesses?

9. When your team is focused on a common goal it simplifies decision making and empowers every member on your team to make decisions on behalf of the team. You’re no longer the bottleneck.

Is your team able to make decisions based on your focus?

10. The world’s strongest brands (and teams) focus on one promise and then they stick with it. Sometimes for decades. That’s how they become known for that promise.

How often do you change your focus?


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