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What separates products that succeed from those who fail. Here’s one big reason for it … 


Many failed products are built on what the makers think people should want. Successful products on the other hand. Deliver on what people actually want or need, if not, both. The virtual reality products from Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta are built around what they think people should want. An artificial metaverse that looks kind of childish and then enables experiences that no one has asked for. They try to conquer the world by creating something entirely new. In the hopes that people would want that. Last week Apple has unveiled their take on headsets. They chose not to create something entirely new. They built a, well, arguably better way to experience the things that people already know. At the core and first and foremost their headset is a way superior display compared to any other display that we used before. On that display, we can do the things that we already do, like browsing the web, watching movies, enjoying family photos, or collaborating with colleagues. Most of these things seem to work better than on traditional displays. Movies will be more immersive, screens for our work will feel bigger. So instead of creating something entirely new, Apple's Vision Pro looks like it is about doing the things that we already love to do with the apps we already love to do, only better. And that's a deliberate choice by them because it's literally their pitch. Here's their tagline: you can do the things you love in ways never before possible. Apple doesn't make customers want something entirely new. It tries to sell customers on a better way to get what they already want. Keep lighting the path!

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