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Thoughts about a special skill that the best communicators possess … 



Welcome back to “Irresistible Communication”. Two minutes, twice a week. No nonsense advice on leadership communication.


Right now, nothing is more important than you. That's the feeling that great communicators will give you. Not only in one-on-one conversations, but also on the stage and even in their writing. Right now, nothing is more important than you. Which is not to be confused with: never is anything more important. The point is that right in this moment, nothing is. These communicators let us forget that they are just as busy as we are, they juggle just as many balls as we do, and there they might have sucked big time and their lunch break is already one hour late. But right now? None of that matters. They are super busy, sure. But right in this moment, they are also fully present. That doesn't mean that they necessarily leave everything aside for us. We're not the center of their focus all the time. In fact, they might not even have much time for us. But when they do, when they choose to spend their time with us, they are fully committed and present in the moment. Sometimes, you could even say that the feeling is not so much one of being the most important person in their world right now. It can almost feel like you're the only one that matters. Now, how focused are you on the person you're talking to? Keep lighting the path and share this with a friend.

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