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The double-sided aha effect

What makes aha effects profound and why that matters?



Welcome to the “Irresistible Communication” podcast. Two minutes, twice a week. No nonsense advice for leadership communication. Have you ever had that lightning bolt moment when everything just clicks? I'm speaking of the aha effect. And today we're diving a bit deeper into what it means for clearer, more compelling leadership communication. So let's start by looking at clarity. Clarity can show up in two ways: as a light bulb going off in your head or as a gut feeling that just ,well, feels right. The aha effect happens when these two, reason and feeling, fall together. It's like peanut butter meeting jelly. Each is great on its own, but together, that's where the magic happens. So, imagine you're working on a project. You've been crunching data, brainstorming, trying to get that breakthrough. And suddenly you feel it in your bones, you've hit the jackpot. But it's not just a feeling. You can see the pieces fitting together in your mind's eye. It just makes sense. Your gut and your brain are high-fiving, each other. That's the sweet spot. Here's the thing, though. If you're all brain and no heart or all heart and no brain, you're selling yourself short. You might end up with a decision that looks good on paper but just doesn't sit right. Or the opposite, you're all fired up but with nowhere to go, because the logic just isn't there. So, how do you harness this dynamic duo? Start by paying attention. When you're facing a decision or crafting a message, check in with both your head and your heart. Are they telling you the same thing? If not, dig deeper, challenge your logic, examine your feelings. It's about getting both on the same page. In leadership, there's alignment becomes irresistible. It means your decisions and communications aren't just smart, they are felt. They resonate. You can stop persuading because people follow leaders who have both the map and the compass, the brains, and the heart working in harmony. So remember: the next time you're making a decision or sending a message. Don't just think it through, feel it through, too. That's the kind of clarity that lights the path. It draws others to follow your lead. Keep lighting the path, and share it with a friend!

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