Why we need you to give that speech

A speech that doesn’t change people’s minds is a waste of time.

A speech that doesn’t resonate with people doesn’t change their minds.

A speech that has nothing to do with people’s lives doesn’t resonate with them.

A speech that remains stuck in the abstract doesn’t have much to do with life. Life’s concrete, not abstract.

A speech that doesn’t explain how the facts relate to real life remains stuck in the abstract. Life is not made up of numbers, but of people who have feelings, goals, desires and fears.

A speech that doesn’t add anything to the facts is not worth giving. It is mere information. Just write the info down.

Only when you explain how the info relates to your audience’s lives, will the facts become more than info. Anyone can outline facts. But making me see what the facts mean, explaining how they relate to my life, that requires more than writing things down.

In fact, it requires you. Because if your speech matters, you’re probably the only one who can do that. Because you dug deep. You do care. You see what we don’t see, yet.

That’s why we need you to give that speech and change our minds.

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Dr. Michael Gerharz

Dr. Michael Gerharz