What to build

There are things that everybody needs but nobody wants.

And there are things that everybody wants but nobody needs.

Both might earn us a fortune but both are hard to find and it’s highly unlikely that the thing that we’re building is in one of these categories.

Then, there are things that are really cool but that nobody wants and nobody needs. In fact, there are lots of things in this category.

It’s much easier to find and build but super frustrating because it will rather burn a fortune than earn one.

But this might work: To build useful things that some people love because they need it and want it. And when we build that thing, all we need to do with our communication is to tell the truth.

What are you building?

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Behind the facts

Most questions that are worth investing the time to prepare a presentation for don’t have an easy yes-or-no answer. If they had, we could just

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Hard choices

Many people believe that a great presentation makes it easy for the audience to choose you. The easier, the better. Yet, the most satisfying decisions

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