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The Zig-zag trap

When everyone zigs, should you zag?

But don’t forget to consider staying straight.

When everyone else chases the trends,
zigs and then zags,
zags and then zigs,

that’s when staying straight might be what actually sets you apart.

First of all:
Not every trend is worth chasing.
Not every turn is worth taking.

But also:
Zig-zagging is exhausting.
For you.
And your audience.

It’s potentially confusing.

Because it’s hard to keep track of who you are (right now) and what you stand for (right now).

The worst outcome might be when you end up being confused yourself.

The alternative is consistency.
(Not to be confused with stagnation.)

Evolve, but because it makes sense,
not because of trends.

Amplify what works and ignore the trends that don’t.

And so, going straight can be what leaps you massively ahead.

How do you approach trends?

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