The purpose of a strategy

The purpose of a strategy is to change the world in a way that the chances of success increase.

Crucially, you need to figure out what needs to be true for you to succeed so that you can take action to make it true.

This is different from what quite a number of startups do who wish something was true. Their vision is built on an ideal world that should exist but doesn’t.

Just as dangerous is the stance that causes quite a number of well established businesses to struggle. These businesses feel “entitled” to a truth. They insist on something being true. It was true in the past and thus, it must still be true. Which it isn’t.

In both cases, the businesses spend most of their time on activities that would work if things were different. Which they aren’t.

More importantly, they fail to identify and take action that could change the world so that the conditions for success are actually altered in their favor.

What needs to be true for your idea to spread?

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That’s a lot

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