The Creator’s Adventure

Here’s a tightly packed conversation I had with Bryan McAnulty on his podcast “The Creator’s Adventure”.

We discussed

  • why it’s so hard to focus when you deeply care about something,
  • how you can gradually lead your audience to follow you deep down into that rabbit hole,
  • how an effective money-back guarantee can look like,
  • and so much more …

We also discovered that we share a passion for playing the guitar and found an important business lesson from the way you become better at playing an instrument.

If you’re a creator – or generally have an important story to share – this episode will very likely be worth a listen. You’ll find it on all major podcast platforms (e.g. Spotify or Apple Podcasts) and on YouTube:

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Whose time invest is it?

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Here’s a random piece about my teenage years. It’s about trespassing. In fact, it’s about the album “Trespass” by Genesis. I bought the album back

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A short story

Think of a room somewhere in a house. Maybe there’s a sofa inside. Someone’s reading a book. What do you see?How does her hair look

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