The cost of inaction

Usually, it’s a lot easier to grasp the cost of an action than that of inaction.

It costs $X to service your car. But what does it cost to not have it serviced?

It costs $X to buy that book and Y hours to read it. But what does it cost to not know what you’ve learnt from reading it?

It costs $X, a phone call, and one evening of your time to invite a friend you haven’t met in a long time for dinner in that new restaurant. But what does it cost to not spend the evening with them?

It costs $X to book a coaching session plus an hour of preparation, three hours to meet, and the guts to implement the insights. But what does it cost to not book it?

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The fear of finishing

It likes to dress as perfectionism and it claims that things have to get just that tiny little bit better before you finish this. Or

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Try something new

This week (like any other week) seems like a great week to try and do some things differently. How about one of these? Smile more

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Dr. Michael Gerharz

Dr. Michael Gerharz


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