The C-Suite and the leaders

The top spots in most company hierarchies are taken by “officers”. The Chief Executive Officer. The Chief Operations Officer. The C-Suite are all officers.

Most notably, they are not called leaders.

Which makes sense.

Because being a leader is complementary to being a manager. Or an officer.

C-Suite executives may be leaders. But quite a number of them are not.

At the same time, many leaders are far from being in an executive role.

Yet, they are the ones who move the company forward with new ideas.

Who provide direction by speaking up in important meetings.

They focus on what matters and communicate it clearly.

Their thoughtful analyses are sought after.

Their spot-on intuition inspires others.

Their opinions count.

Some of these leaders have a really small peer group, some have an enormous online following.

But all of them light the path for the rest of the company. The customers. The partners.

Read the “Leaders Light the Path” manifesto and join them.

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