I’m hooked. Now what?

Surprisingly often, this question is a lot harder to answer than it should be. The website made a great job of hooking me up. The video made a great point of why this is just the right product for us. The talk was brilliant.

But now? What shall I do? Where do I go from here?

Lighting the path for your audience includes making it obvious where to go next. Things can go wrong in a couple of directions.

First, there is no obvious place to go from here. There might be five places while I need one. But when it’s too difficult which of your five calls to action is the right one – at this moment in time – I might just give up.

Second, I can’t find a place to go from here. E.g. because it’s hidden deep down in the website. Or you forgot to mention it in your talk. I might not be willing to go hunting for it.

Third, it’s too difficult to get to that place. I’m hooked, but probably not all-in, yet. So I might not be willing to invest that much effort right now.

Make it one place, make this place obvious, and make it easy to get there. Then, when I’m hooked, I’m almost guaranteed to go there.

12 Fragen: 12. Und nun?

Ok, Sie haben Ihre Zuhörer überzeugt, haben sie vor den Kopf gestoßen, wach gerüttelt und mitgerissen. Aber was können, was sollen die Zuhörer denn jetzt nach Ihrem Vortrag ganz konkret tun? Sonnenklar ist das nur Ihnen (ist es?).
Sagen Sie es Ihren Zuhörern! Formulieren Sie eine konkrete Handlungsaufforderung!

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Dr. Michael Gerharz

Dr. Michael Gerharz