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Walter, a friend of mine, recently claimed that he could tell by the looks of someone’s website when that person entered the Internet. The structure of the site, the design, imagery, even the wording, all hint to the culture of that time.

Indeed, once we adopt a way of doing things, the stickiness of these habits is amazing. Ask someone in their 40s about their favourite artists, and it’s likely that they respond with quite a number of names from the 80s and 90s. Ask someone in their 60s about the best way to learn something new, and it’s likely that YouTube won’t show up in the Top 3.

And yet, the world is moving on. Things change. New ways of doing the things you used to do a certain way show up each day.

While that doesn’t mean that these ways might be better for you, it might very well be that your audience prefers the new way. And so, your willingness to adapt can play a major role in who you resonate with.

It’s helpful to look at this as a choice. And then act accordingly.

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