Quick in, quick out

The goal of almost all media is to suck you in as quickly as possible and once you’re in to keep you in as long as possible.

Here’s another hilarious post. Oh, and don’t you wanna watch this crazy video? Here are five super useful tips to get rich quick. Wait, don’t go, your friend just commented on this post over here and you should really chime in.

It’s easy to see how that’s in the media’s best interest.

If your interest is to show more ads that is. Or to keep your audience from spending the time on someone else’s channel.

A different approach is “quick in, quick out”. Get right to the point, deliver it clearly and concisely, and then let them go again.

Sure, they might head over to other people’s channels. Not all of them will come back. But the right ones will. Those who will be frustrated by the slow media, the time sucking media. Those who appreciate that someone values their time.

If you treat this part of your audience well that’ll not only be in their best interest but also yours.

(PS: My podcast is 2 minutes per episode. That’s quicker than it takes most other podcasts to even get through the intro.)

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