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Today’s as good as any other day to start becoming a better speaker. Here’s one step towards that:

Fire up YouTube and search for “great speech”. Choose one. It doesn’t matter which one. Any will do.

Note everything that you like about the speech. Describe why you think it works. Give the concept a name. And then think about how you could apply the same technique.

Also, note everything that you don’t like about the speech. Describe why you think it doesn’t work. Give the observation a name. And then think about what you would do differently.

Actually, that’s a method you can use every single day. When you look at or listen to a piece of communication, then occasionally look more closely than you normally do, observe what you notice, and learn from it.

What if you could speak with irresistible clarity?

My eBook teaches you a 5-step process that works

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The C-Suite and the leaders

The top spots in most company hierarchies are taken by “officers”. The Chief Executive Officer. The Chief Operations Officer. The C-Suite are all officers. Most

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Decoration and polish

When you decorate a diamond you make it less beautiful, not more. Diamonds need to be polished. Does your product need decoration or polish?

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