Of course you hire a coach

When you’re an athlete, of course you’re working with a coach. Even the best athletes still have a coach. Actually, to be more precise, especially the best athletes do have coaches.

In sports, the cost of hiring a coach is considered to be part of the cost of doing business. No coach, no business. In fact, you’d be considered crazy to start any career in sports without a coach.

In business, that’s quite different. Most careers are started without a coach. The cost of working with a coach is often considered to be optional.

And yet, the benefits of working with a coach are just as obvious as in sports. Great coaches bring experiences you don’t have. Great coaches dig deep where you don’t have the time to do the same. Great coaches are on your side and root for you when times are rough. Great coaches help you find solutions when you’re stuck.

Really, the question is not whether you should hire a coach but which coach is a great fit.

For example, Shane Cradock helps you master your inner game so you can find the balance you need to make an impact.

Françoise Hontoy helps you navigate the complex dynamics of leadership to become the leader your organization needs.

Kathy Letendre helps you build excellence into the DNA of your organization.

If you need more clarity in the way you think, speak, and lead, I might be able to help.

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