“No, you don’t have to do it like that.”

When I say these words, you can literally see them break free and unleash their imagination. Free at last! Free to speak in a way that fits to who they are. Free to communicate in a way that we can feel their passion. Sense why this is so near and dear to their heart. Understand how much care has gone into this.

I’m baffled by how often I hear these mental shackles: “You must do this!”, “You must not do that”, “You must use this and that structure”, “You must not use raw facts”, “You must start with your Why!”, “You must do this, you must not do that, you must …”.

You don’t have to do any of this. People fall in love with you because of who you are and how you do things. They don’t fall in love with the polished template of all the “that’s what everyone does” of this world. Only because something works for most doesn’t mean that there can’t be a better way for others. People are different, topics are different, listeners are different.

Finding out what suits you is much more valuable than doing what others do. Look around, learn from others, and then do it your way.

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If I’d be you

“If you understood everything I said, you’d be me.” – Miles Davis I can’t look inside your head. I can’t know what you think of

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Everybody is interesting

“We believe that everybody has a story and is creative in their own way.” – Astrid Klein Long-time reader Thomas Maile nominated Mark Dytham and

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Dr. Michael Gerharz

Dr. Michael Gerharz


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