It’s called giving a speech – but do you actually give it?

It’s called giving a speech, but for many, a speech is about taking. Taking the audience’s time and attention, their money, their vote.

These people give a presentation so they can take something.

But what if you considered your speech a gift? Your presentation a present? Here! I made this for you. It’s yours to keep.

What would make that gift a precious one? Not one of those cheap giveaways that we brought when we were at the grocery store, anyway. Or one of those leftovers from the last party. But a real gift that we invested empathy in. That took us time to make. That required to dig deep to find a message that our audience needed but would never have thought of themselves.

What would make it more beautiful? What would make them smile? Or speechless?

Let’s take it even a step further: If we just offered it as a gift and left the decision to take it to the audience, don’t you think they would want to take it? Don’t you think they would value your partnership?

The shift is this: Instead of giving just enough so that our audience gives us something back, we invest so much that we become an invaluable partner for them.

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