If you want their attention

If you want to be seen by someone, see them first.
If you want their attention, pay attention first.

What are they proud of? What do they care about? What are their struggles? What do they desire?

Refer to it. Care for it. People love to have a conversation with other people about the things they care about.

When people want to be seen, they tend to speak a lot about themselves and ignore the fact that most people are concerned much more with themselves rather than with cheering for strangers.

Directing the light onto the people whose attention you seek is way more likely to get you their attention than directing it at yourself.

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A mismatch?

A few things people care about: feeling seen and heard appreciation for their effort their family their employees a day off with their children improving

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Digging deeper

Yeah, sure, inspire me! But please don’t stop there. At every virtual corner, people want to inspire us to reach our true potential, the next

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