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If only I had known this

In hindsight, it’s often not that difficult to see what you should have done differently.

Of course, this couldn’t work.

Of course, they would be offended.

Of course, the left turn would have been the right one.

Looking in hindsight, you might also see that you actually did know it previously.

You just didn’t take the time to think it through.

Or you wanted to believe otherwise.

Or you couldn’t or wouldn’t listen to your gut.

The truth is: we know more than we think we do. If only we take the time to step back … listen to our gut … but also, think it through rationally …

So, looking in hindsight, you might discover that, in fact, you had known this.

How will you apply this knowledge in 2023?

What if you could speak with irresistible clarity?

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The clarity river

The word “clarity” invites a binary view on the matter: Either you have clarity or not. But that’s hardly how it works in real life.

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AI writing tools

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Dr. Michael Gerharz



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