I seldom have time to practice

That’s what more than 12% of executives who were surveyed by Distinction Communication answered when they were asked how much time they spent practicing for a high-stakes presentation.

And I get it. You’ve got a company to run. Your schedule is chock-full. There just isn’t room for nice-to-have stuff when all your time is reserved for the important stuff. (Also, what do we have a marketing agency for, right?)

I get that.

But our audiences couldn’t care less about how full our schedule is or how busy we are. And neither does our competition. And rightly so. They don’t have to care for how well we prepare. They don’t have to care for what we consider important or nice-to-have.

All they have to care for is what matters to them. If our competition cares more than we do for nailing the pitch, it’s perfectly ok that they have an advantage. That the customer likes their pitch better.

Yet, it’s always a choice. We can decide what we consider important work and what we consider nice-to-have. We can choose what we care for. And then we can choose to go all the way.

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