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How to scare an introvert

Show them this picture of a crowded space and tell them that you’re giving them a great opportunity to network and meet lots of fun people (plus free drinks and an after show party!).

It’s the perfect place for some. But a scary place for others.

Nothing wrong with that but it helps to be conscious about it.

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Wanna marry me?

Most websites feel like proposing on the first date, something like this: “Look, I’m really awesome. I have a Ph.D. and I’m super successful. I’m

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Would they still buy?

This week, I’m asking one simple but important question each day for you to ponder (on your own or with your team): If you told

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Every thing is made by someone

Every thing has been invented, designed, engineered, produced, marketed, and distributed by someone. The clothes you wear.The bike you ride.The music you listen to.The book

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