Gut it wrong?

My gut doesn’t know what is right.
But it knows what feels right.

And that’s enough of a reason for me to look closer.

I don’t usually trust my gut with making decisions without involving some rationality. But when my gut tells me that something doesn’t quite feel right, I do wanna know why.

So I go explore.

More often than not I find that I need to adjust some aspects of my actions. Or that I need more information.

Surprisingly often, the gut seems to intuitively take into account a thing or two that the brain tends to overlook.

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Brutal honesty

Do you trust you customer with the decision to buy from you? In other words: If they knew everything you know, would they buy? If

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Order from above

“Don’t ask me why. It’s an order from above.” Still a common scheme in corporations – both outward and inward facing. It frustrates customers and teams

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Dr. Michael Gerharz

Dr. Michael Gerharz


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