Good intentions gone wrong

“I’m just going quickly over this graph!”

And she’s doing it with good intentions. Because that thing she’s going quickly over is not that hard to understand. Also, it’s probably not the most exciting part of her presentation. So, just going quickly over it seems like a great service to her audience.

Except that it’s the exact opposite.

Because she’s going over it so quickly that her audience doesn’t even have the time to read the graph, let alone understand it, let alone question it.

What was easy for her is hard for her audience. If only for the simple fact that it is new.

When in doubt, assume that it’s harder to see the point than you think it is. Rather than go quickly over something that is easy ask yourself how to focus on the most relevant bits. Rather than go quickly over something that is unexciting ask yourself how to make it more exciting.

Lighting the path is the presenter’s job, not the audience’s.

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