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Focus: excellent

Now Taylor knows. And can act accordingly. She took my self-assessment and uncovered her core strength: focus, being able to cut to the core.

She can build on that to work on other aspects of her communication, such as adjusting the angle of her communication to more accurately reflect what her customers need.

I’ve designed the self-assessment as a thorough process. It forces you to dig deeper. Sure, you can just click through and that’ll cost you roughly a minute. But if you take it seriously, you’ll get a pretty accurate assessment of where you stand so that you can amplify what works and improve where there’s a potential for growth.

The best part: The results are presented right away, no email required. You’ll also get immediate tips to collect some quick wins.

What’s working well in your communication? Find out here.

Would you like to get a weekly mail on how to communicate with irresistible clarity?

It’s free and you can cancel anytime.

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Open your eyes

Today’s as good as any other day to start becoming a better speaker. Here’s one step towards that: Fire up YouTube and search for “great

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Attention to detail

Donald Knuth pays $2.56 for every error that you spot in one of his books. Checks are rarely cashed, though, as the receivers prefer to

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The Cult of Storytelling

Who made the call that everything needs to be somehow fitted into a storytelling framework? That every single piece of information needs to be decorated

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Dr. Michael Gerharz



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