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“Can all of you see my brilliance?”

Status updates are supposed to quickly inform everyone about the status of a project.

Too often, though, these updates are much rather about the status of the people in the project and carry double meanings along the lines of “I’m not to blame for the delay.”, “This is my kingdom. Don’t you dare to invade it.”, “I’m smarter than her.” etc.

In many cases, this happens when the team can’t see how the project is about something bigger than themselves. And so, they lack a sense of belonging to a team that achieves more than anyone could achieve on their own.

Which means that, effectively, everyone’s on their own team.

Which is why they need to protect their status.

Great project leaders create that sense of belonging. They light the path by communicating with irresistible clarity where we’re going as a team, why we’re going there and why everyone belongs.

What if you could speak with irresistible clarity?

My eBook teaches you a 5-step process that works

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Playing around

When you’re testing a new approach, are you really testing it or are you just playing around? When we play around, we don’t expect to

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So what?

A presentation can be brilliantly argued, beautifully designed, masterfully delivered … … and still fail because it lacks a compelling answer to one simple question:

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