Benchmarking your speech

When you give a speech, how will you know it was a success?

When you get standing ovations?
When you close the deal?
When there are no questions after your speech?
When there are a lot of questions after your speech?
When you’ve made it through to the end?
When the CEO praises you?
When someone from the audience praises you?
When someone from the audience is angry at you?
When no one looked at their smartphone during the speech?
When someone tweeted a photo of a slide of yours?
When, a year later, you bump into someone who recalls your core message?
When, a year later, you receive an email of someone thanking you for how you changed their life?
When you get asked to speak again at the next occasion?

The benchmark you set for your speech influences your attitude towards your audience.

What’s your benchmark?

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