A tough decision

Sometimes, we need to make a tough decision: Who do we leave behind? As a customer. In our messaging.

It might sound like a cliché, but it’s true. We can’t be everything for everyone. It’s impossible.

But it’s possible to be something for someone.

And if we are, it’s not about cramming everything in our message, anymore, but about making our message a beloved something for someone special.

The real value here is this: We tell friends about our beloved somethings. Even more so when it makes us feel special. And so a message spreads.

Leaving people behind is required to make our message stronger for those who are ready to come along. Communicators spend way to much effort on trying to persuade those who don’t want to be persuaded when they could spend that effort to much greater effect on serving those who are ready to come along (and possibly bring their friends).

Given the choice, I’d always choose a die-hard fan over a skeptical crowd. I’d always delight someone special rather than having a crowd just barely approve, half of which complain afterwards, anyway. The thing is: it is a choice.

So, who do you leave behind?

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