Clarity is revelation work

Clarity is much more revelation work than it is creative work.

When we encounter one of these charismatic leaders who seem to just magically nail it and find words that make the complex feel simple, it can feel like they are just natural born talents.

I don’t think that’s true in most cases. More often than not, they are just much more rigorous in their thinking. They:

  1. Reflect on what truly matters
  2. Strip the non-essential
  3. Focus from the right perspective
  4. Refine the difficult parts and
  5. Boost their impact

I built “Crack the Clarity Code” to walk you through this process and find that rigor in your thinking. My goal is to take you from a gut feeling of possibility to razor-sharp clarity.

It seems to work. Even after day 1, I got this note from Bob: “The clarity is already coming.”

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Dr. Michael Gerharz

Dr. Michael Gerharz