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Gettin’ in the groove

“Good job,” the leader declares as the team meeting disperses.

The team members file out with a quiet that speaks volumes, another routine meeting has ended. Efficient in its execution, but lacking groove.

Groove – that hard to describe feeling that infuses energy and passion into the mundane. The element which turns a group of individuals into a dynamic team that dances to the rhythm of a common beat.

In its place was a mechanical march of agenda items.

The meeting had structure, it had purpose, but it lacked the soulful harmony of groove – the lightness, the drive that turns work into something more.

Contrast this with a different meeting. Imagine a space alive with the buzz of collaboration, where ideas are volleyed with the excitement of a well-played game. The leader in such a meeting is more a conductor than a commander, guiding the rhythm but allowing each member to play their unique part.

In a meeting with groove, the air crackles with the energy of possibility. Team members lean in, not back. They speak not just to relay information, but to contribute to a collective melody. Challenges are met not with resignation, but with the enthusiasm of problem-solvers in their element. And when the meeting concludes, it’s not with the emptiness of a routine farewell, but with the satisfaction of a song well sung, a job well done together.

The contrast is stark – on one hand, a meeting that ticks boxes but leaves spirits untouched; on the other, a gathering that moves beyond mere efficiency to resonate on a deeper, more meaningful level. In the end, it’s just a subtle difference, call it groove or energy or whatever you like, but it made a huge difference.

Efficiency creates relevance, but not always resonance.

In the absence of emotion, even the best-laid plans are just words in a room, echoing without a heart to hear them.

How about you? Have you ever experienced groove in a meeting?

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