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Hidden gems

Headlines are the handshake before the conversation: We’re agreeing on an exchange of attention and value. You promise me value, I promise you my attention in return.


It’s a 1-to-many contract: One headline, many readers. The better your promise, the more readers you will probably get.

That’s where click-bait enters the game. It’s attractive to promise big as that might lead many more readers to enter the contract.

Here’s the problem: Click-bait has given headlines that create attention such a bad rep that brilliant minds shy away from creating irresistible headlines because they don’t want to be associated with click-bait.

To the architects of “Hidden Gems”, listen up: your brilliance doesn’t belong buried. It’s not enough to be valuable; you have to be visible. Your insight? It’s meant to be seen. Your analysis? It’s there to be appreciated. So, it’s not about being louder; it’s about being clearer.

Your work deserves a marquee, not a footnote.

This isn’t about selling out; it’s about showing up. Don’t be deterred by the stigma of “Click-Bait” That’s not your game. You’re here to make “Impact”. You have something to say that’s worth hearing, so say it in a way that’s impossible to ignore.

Impact without attention can’t happen. So grab that attention. Your audience isn’t waiting for the next empty thrill, but for the content that changes the game. For the kind of value that stays with them long after the tab is closed.

Remember, the world’s most precious gems aren’t hidden; they’re on display for those who recognize their worth. It’s time yours took center stage.

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Dr. Michael Gerharz