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Pretty good

You know those talks where you zone out, even if the speaker’s trying really hard? You clap at the end, maybe even smile, but once it’s over, you just… forget it. Everything goes back to the way it was.

It’s not always because the slides are boring or the talk’s too long. Some of these talks are actually pretty good. But “pretty good” isn’t cutting it. It doesn’t make you want to get up and do something different.

Now, think about those rare talks where you’re hooked from the start. You start feeling a bit restless, like you can’t just sit there. The speaker’s not just talking at you, they’re challenging you. Your old ways of thinking start to feel, well, old.

After one of these talks, going back to “business as usual” feels wrong. It’s like trying to put on a shoe that doesn’t fit anymore. Sure, you can choose to ignore what you’ve just heard, but you’ll know you’re doing it. And that choice? It’s on you.

That’s the power of a great presentation. It lights a path so irresistibly bright that doing nothing feels tougher than taking action.

PS: Check if your presentations do the job.

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